We provide the CI service
Box CI
Builds run on your hardware
Dev Machine
Rasberry Pi
Cloud VM
Only your hardware has access to your code and infrastructure
Best of both worlds
Box CI combines the strengths of third-party and self-hosted CI. You get the control and security of running your own builds, without having to host the entire CI service.
Builds run on your hardware
With our open source build agent. It does all the work of coordinating builds - just point it at your project. You can run as many agents on as many machines as you want.
Your builds are just scripts
Builds run directly on your build machine - they're just shell commands. If you can run it in a terminal, you can run it in your build. No docker abstractions, no complex yaml config files.
All the features you expect
Automatic build-on-push, show build results and use them for PR checks in Github and Gitlab, full build history, re-run and cancel builds from the app.
Get started for free
A solo account is free - no credit card required
Get started now
No commitment - a solo account is free
Sign up free & create a project
Install & run the Box CI build agent
Add your build command in a config file
Commit the config file & watch your build run
Your account
Unlimited projects
Unlimited builds
Unlimited agents
$20 / month
Per team member
Access control
Can run agents
A solo account is free, no credit card required
so you can try out Box CI with no commitment
When you're ready to share projects with your team,
it's $20/month per seat
Create your free account
A solo account is free - no credit card required
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